Articles Linking Stress With Health Problems

Health problems can sprout from many causes, most of them due to a dysfunction of your body – physiologically and anatomically. However, more and more attention is being given to stress and its role in the development of health problems. When you browse the website on stress-related health problems, you will find many articles linking stress with health problems.The discovery that your mental state of mind can affect your physical well-being has changed the approach to treating or curing health problems. Many articles linking stress with health problems state that stress plays a key role in the development of health problems.When you are under stress, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, your immune system function lowers significantly making you prone to acquiring or developing certain diseases. When your body is under stress, it puts your body on an “overdrive” mode. This theory is more commonly seen in patients who have suffered from heart attacks and stroke.Articles linking stress with health problems reveal that different persons have different reactions to stress. Some of you might have a very adaptive response to stress which means your body and your mind can easily cope up when your body is under stress. There are also some of you whose body and mind cannot respond properly or efficiently when under stress. Adaptive responses to stress can be determined by heredity or the environment, the latter factor meaning exposure to stress in the different stages of your life.Several articles linking stress with health problems have enumerated how stress can affect the different parts of your body. Stress can significantly affect not just your mental state of health but also your reproductive system, your endocrine system, your gastrointestinal system, your immune system and even your cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.When you come across articles linking stress with health problems, you will read about how stress can affect the body systems mentioned. Under stress, your reproductive system function decreases to the point of making you miss periods or delaying the development of your secondary sexual characteristics. Stress can affect the gastrointestinal system by increasing the release of gastric acid making you prone to ulcer formation or making your intestines hyperactive (diarrhea) or hypoactive (constipation).Articles linking stress with health problems not only show you the connection between mental wellness and physical wellness, it also teaches you how to address the condition. In order to treat health problems caused by stress, you have to tackle the underlying cause first; in this case you have to tackle your stress. You can alleviate your stress by learning relaxation techniques or be counseled by a certified therapist.

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